What is this site about?

ConstantnewInfo is a mashup site aggregator of few top websites. Although the site is fully functional, it is a constant work under progress. Always expect better changes.

Who is behind this website

Imagine the following read to you in the voice of Galdiator:
My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius Rushi., Coder of the Feed Armies of constantnew.info, General of the Server Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, WorldWideWeb. Father to a cool website, husband to a secure server. And I will have my feeds, in this life and the next ;-)

Contact Information


Technology Behind this site

Constantnew.info is made possible by yahoo pipes, google feed api, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, jquery-nicescroll, simplepie.

Yet Another News Aggregator?

Yes, there are other news aggregator sites like jimmyr, popurls and many more. The basic idea behind this one is also the same. The primary reason for creating this one is I wanted a little bit more in the news,images and videos category. Many a day I simply do not have enough time to stay in touch with all my favorite websites, hence constantnew.info. Also created in the hope that it serves other folks who share similar interests and are pressed for time.

No Ads?

constantnew.info was made for the love of it and not revenue. It will never be festooned with ads.